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Newsletter 2018


Dr. Frank L. Mellaci – Executive Director

   Angel Marshall – Client Service Director


Pathways Pregnancy Care Center

70 Redington St., Suite 100

Littleton NH  03561  603-444-3991



Dear faithful supporters,


The last couple of years at Pathways have seen many positive events as well as some challenges.  We wished our beloved Lesley Wotton farewell after six years of dedicated service as she chose to further her career in counseling.  Dr. Frank Mellaci, our new executive director, has been a strong and dependable captain of our ship for over a year now.  Two of our long-serving board members recently stepped down, and we have welcomed two energetic and compassionate individuals in their place.  Happily, our client service director, Angel Marshall, completed a B.S. in psychology with honors.

Since the beginning of this year, Pathways has served 36 different clients who have visited the center over 215 times.  Of these clients, 26 have partaken of our education classes as we taught over 150 sessions in parenting, prenatal development, options counseling, mentoring, life renewal studies, and Tot Time Together.  Our well-stocked Baby Boutique has distributed 786 items so far in 2018.  With joy, we just celebrated a client’s birth of a beautiful baby girl last week and anticipate the birth of another Pathways baby soon!  Mother and child were visited at the hospital by our staff and volunteers bearing numerous gifts.  Many of our newly-expecting clients have decided to parent, and Pathways successfully assisted two women who were previously considering abortion.  Alleluia!

Our Tot Time program has grown dramatically.  We’ve held over fifty Tot Times this year, where parents bring their little ones for a merry theme-centered gathering with arts and crafts, songs, stories and a healthy snack.  These are not only opportunities for young children to learn, socialize and have fun (much like preschool), but they provide occasions for mothers to connect with other moms and enjoy some grown-up interaction, while gaining invaluable practice interacting with their children as parent-teachers in a supportive, comfortable and non-judgmental environment.

Amid these blessings, our year has also been fraught with trials.  Firstly, our dear Frank has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has just begun chemotherapy.  Secondly, although about twenty ultrasounds were performed at Pathways in 2016/2017, we have been forced to temporarily suspend this service for multiple reasons.  The number of ultrasound recipients was insufficient for our nurse to maintain her certification, and we do not have the thousands of dollars it would take to retrain/recertify new personnel.  Furthermore, the cost of the necessary medical insurance is beyond our budget at this time.  Thirdly, our most recent fundraiser did not raise the funds we anticipated, and we are struggling to pay our bills.  Finally, we were randomly chosen by the state for an audit!

Despite these setbacks, we are not deterred!  We continue to hope and pray, and WE ASK FOR YOUR PRAYERS and your help.


  • Frank needs prayers as he is filled with hope for a successful treatment and a return to the helm as executive director. Please also pray for our other staff, our committed volunteers, and our clients.  Prayers work!


  • We hope to again offer ultrasounds as a means to give expectant women the information they need to make informed choices. If you know a nurse, doctor, or ultrasound technician who would be willing to volunteer a couple hours a month, please let us know.  Spread the word!


  • If you have recently donated diapers or other baby items to the Boutique, THANK YOU!

If you took part in our 2018 Banquet or our 2018 Walk for Life, THANK YOU!


  • Pathways is dependent on our donors to continue its services. Will you prayerfully consider contributing a one-time or monthly (direct-debit) donation today?  Also, particular items we frequently run out of include: wipes, large diapers (sizes 4, 5 ,6), office supplies and stamps.


  • As expected, we passed our audit with absolutely no problems!


Pathways exists to support, educate, and equip men and women to make life-affirming choices.  We help anyone who walks in the door with kindness and respect, in confidentiality, and free of charge!  We thank you, our loyal supporters, for helping us to keep our doors open.


God bless you,





Joselle Presby                                                                          Angel Marshall


Board of Directors, Chair                                                        Client Service Director



Pathways Pregnancy Care Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Pathways does not perform or refer for abortions.