Parent Education

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How many parents feel that one size parenting is not always effective? Every parent and child are unique, which is why we developed the Parenting Toolbox. The toolbox is designed to help parents as they progress through the parenting journey. Each class is tailored to the needs of individual families. Some categories include; prenatal development, healthy pregnancy, basic child development, nutrition, safety in the home, effective discipline, building healthy relationships, age-appropriate play, building routines, and more! This is part of our Learn to Earn Program where participants receive a 24 pack of diapers and a pack of wipes weekly, as well as access to our Baby Boutique for each class he or she attends! Our Parenting program is a one on one basis; at times, we offer group classes. All of our services are confidential & free. For more information, or schedule an appointment send us a Facebook message or call the center at (603) 444-3991.