Parenting Toolbox

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How many parents know that “one size parenting” does not work? Every parent and child are unique, which is why we developed the “Parenting Toolbox”. The toolbox is designed to help parents as they progress through the parenting journey. The “tools” include prenatal development, healthy pregnancy, basic child development, nutrition, safety in the home, effective discipline, building healthy relationships, age appropriate play, building routines, toilet training, and more! The Parenting Toolbox is part of our *Learn to Earn Program where participants receive one dozen diapers (12) and a box of wipes weekly, as well as access to our Baby Boutique! All of our services are free! For more information, please send us an inbox or call 603-444-3991. ┬áThe classes meet weekly for 1 hour, and parents may bring their child(ren).

Client Comments:

“It was very helpful! It gave me more confidence in what I do every day!” (mother)

“It was awesome!” (father)

“I learned a lot of do’s and don’ts that are completely different what I was raising my kids.” (grandmother)

If you would like more information on our Parenting Education Class, please call, 603-444-3991.