Helping you navigate the Pathways of Life

  Compassionate Care When You Need It The Most

Due to COVID-19, the center has made a few changes. Yes, we are still open Monday-Wednesday from 9 am to 4 pm. Please contact the center for more information.

You can find us on Facebook and send a message.

 Call the center during normal business hours at (603) 444-3991 

All contact platforms will connect you with a staff or volunteer member of Pathways. 

Pathways Mission Statement

 Pathways exists to support, educate, and equip men & women to make life affirming choices related to pregnancy, parenting, relationships, and God. 

We are a New Hampshire registered 501(c) 3 Christian pro-life organization.

Our aim is to assist our clients with care & compassion.
               To receive any of our free services you just have to be you!

Yes; we are a pregnancy center, in addition to this, we have many services that are provided in an individual and or group setting.
All of our services are free and confidential. (603) 444-3991

                                  We don’t refer, nor preform abortions