Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!                    January 25, 2021

Dear faithful supporters,

Although 2020 was challenging for all of us, the Lord continued to sustain us, especially here at Pathways.  Though the way we performed our services changed, e.g. curbside pick-up and remote online classes, we still met our clients’ needs through the grace of God.  Our 2020 costs totaled $59,358.60, which is about $1,000 less than 2019’s budget.  This was only possible because of God’s providence and our faithful donors who continued to support us despite all the hardships of the year.  THANK YOU!!!

Here are the services we provided:              2019                                        2020

Total Clients:                                                   68                                            62

Clients’ Total Family Members                       268                                          242

Parenting Education Classes:                          48                                            42

Options Counseling:                                       4                               1 (she chose life!)

Prenatal Education Classes:                            36                                            24

Life Renewal Studies:                                      12                                            12

Boutique Items:                                               2,238                                       1,758

Clients who gave birth:                                   4                                              5         

Mentoring/Christian Counseling:     73        88                                                              

As you may know, Pathways became a hub for Christmas Connection in 2019.  This Christmas, this program provided 65 families including 192 children with 1152 gifts.

Upcoming Events      

Pathways 1st Annual Family Festival

            Join us Father’s Day Weekend at Franconia’s Dow Park for an evening of live music, dinner, and maybe even fireworks.  Saturday, June 19th (check our website for details).  Free admission.  Games, family fun, and a raffle. This event will be held in lieu of our usual concert and banquet fundraisers.

2nd Annual Drive-in Movie Night

End of the summer, date to be announced.  Franconia’s Dow Park.  Barbecue, music, raffle, uplifting family movie.  Free admission.  All proceeds benefit the center. 

2nd Annual Virtual Walk for Life

This fundraiser was successful, we will certainly do it again in October.  Stay tuned for details…

Attention Voters!

Littleton, Lisbon, Bethlehem, and Whitefield voters, please vote YES on Tuesday, March 9th (or the date of your town’s voting) for Pathways’ Warrant Article in each of these towns.

Outlook for 2021: More classes, more clients, more volunteers, and ultrasound…

This year we plan to invite clients inside the center once again.  We will certainly continue all of our remote education classes through Bright Course, which now provides nearly 200 different classes.  This is a bargain for us at only $1,099 per annual subscription.  We expect our number of clients to increase as local high- and middle schools allow us to advertise our services to their students.  Our website now includes a “Tweens & Teens Corner” that offers specific services to this age group.  A formal volunteer training was held during the summer, this was completed successfully. We are extremely thankful that God has blessed us with a fantastic team!

Finally, we are poised and equipped to provide full ultrasound services!  Myself and our gracious volunteer medical director, Dr. Allysia M. Guy MD, FACEP, RDMS, is pictured below in our ready-to-go ultrasound room.  The pandemic severely delayed our ability to resume offering this service, all that remains is to establish a medical malpractice insurance policy, which is estimated at $3,000 annually.  Thankfully, we have funds in our savings account, which we kept specifically for this and next year’s ultrasound insurance. This is one of Pathways’ largest costs.  We are required to carry five additional policies, totaling at least $4,650 annually, to operate.  Please pray that all ultrasound images bear testimony to the truth of the dignity and humanity (and cuteness) of preborn babies.  

Testimony from one of our clients:   This place has been so helpful to me during my pregnancy! Very sweet and kind people, who genuinely care for you and will help you out with whatever they can! Highly recommend looking into this place if you need some help or support during your pregnancy!

May God bless you throughout the new year,

Angel Marshall

Having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth for a sincere love of the brethren, love one another earnestly from the heart. – 1 Peter 1:22