NEWSLETTER          For nothing will be impossible with God. – Luke 1:37                  May 22, 2021

Dear faithful supporters,

Our Lord has blessed us with a good year so far.  We hope that the beautiful spring weather and flower blossoms are bringing you joy and a renewed spirit of hope.

Bright Course: Our Bright Course Education Program has been very busy with over 45 classes having been taken by a dozen clients already since January.  Our clients really like how convenient it is to take our classes via text or email.  Having increased the number of classes available from about 30 to now over 200, we find the number of clients interested in education rising.

Dress for Success Initiative: This is a new incentive program that we are planning to launch this summer.  Several classes available through Bright Course are aimed at helping clients prepare for employment.  These include: “Preparing for a Job – Hard Truth,” “Finding a Job,” Preparing for the Interview,” “At the Interview,” and “Success at Work.”  Clients who complete four of these five courses, including the pre-tests, post-tests, and homework assignments that accompany them, may earn a gift certificate to a local clothing store with which they can purchase an outfit for their interview or work clothes. 

Thank you, Voters!  Pathways was once again blessed to be provided funding via 2021 Warrant Articles: Littleton granted us $3,200 specifically for stocking our Baby Boutique and supporting our Education Program.  Whitefield granted $250 and Lisbon $200, which will go directly to our Bright Course subscription costs.  Next year we will again request funding from these towns, and also from Bethlehem.

Ultrasound:  This program has finally resumed!!!  Our first scheduled ultrasound will take place in June.  Please keep our mothers, staff, and volunteers involved in this service in your prayers.  And thank you to all who have helped it get back on its feet, either through prayers or specific donations.

Family Fun Festival to benefit Pathways

Saturday, June 19, 2021 – 5:00 p.m. until dusk

Dow Park, Franconia

Live music, family games, dinner and desserts,

prize raffle & free giveaways

All are FREE! (except raffle tickets) – Donations accepted.

We Need Your Help:  Volunteers are needed to help out with this inaugural event. We are

looking for folks to provide any of the following:

  • baked goods for the dessert table – cut and ready to serve
  • create an art or craft project table (we will provide the table)
  • provide/create a family game
  • volunteer to oversee/run a craft table or game for a period of time
  • prizes for the raffle
  • small prizes for game winners
  • general help throughout the event, set-up/clean-up

We look forward to seeing you at the Family Fun Festival!

Volunteer Award:  We are pleased to announce that our long-time volunteer, Winnie Harwood, was presented with a Pathways Spiritual Mother certificate of appreciation.  Winnie has been serving for nearly two decades, and counting!

Upcoming Events:  Stay tuned for the following:

September 2021: Second Annual Dinner and a Movie Night

October 2021: Second Annual Virtual Walk for Life (back by popular demand!)

Thank you again for all your support.           


Angel Marshall