What types of services does Pathways offer? 
We offer an array of services which include Self-Administered Pregnancy Tests, Ultrasound Referrals, Options Counseling, Prenatal Development, Postnatal Education, Parenting Education, Life Skills, Mentoring, and Life Renewal Studies.

What is Options Counseling?
Options Counseling is accurate and up to date information regarding abortion, adoption, and parenting.

Does Pathways use graphic DVD’s, photos, or other graphic images regarding abortion?
No. Pathways does not use utilize graphic videos or depictions of abortion or aborted fetuses as part of our educational material.

Does Pathways perform or refer for abortions? 
No. Pathways is a life-affirming ministry and therefore does not perform nor refer for abortion. However, we are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.

Does Pathways offer help for those who have had an abortion?
Yes. Pathways offers Life Renewal studies for various things including past abortion.

What are Life Renewal studies?
Life Renewal studies are for those who have experienced the pain of abortion, miscarriage, sexual abuse, grief, or an emotionally destructive relationship. 

Does Pathways have licensed counselors?
No, we are trained in lay counseling. Though some staff may have a degree in counseling and or certificates we are not licensed by the state; therefore, the counseling provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling.

Is Pathways an Adoption Agency?
No, Pathways is not an adoption agency. We strive to provide thorough, accurate and neutral information about adoption as one of the client’s life-affirming options in a safe environment.

Does Pathways make referrals to adoption agencies?
Yes, We can make referrals to a couple of reputable adoption agencies.

What is the Earn While You Learn program?
The Earn While You Learn program is designed for our clients who wish to take weekly or bi-weekly classes of their choice. As a participant in a class, the client is automatically enrolled in the Learn to Earn program unless they state that they do not want/need the program. Clients earn points (attending class, completing and returning homework, etc…) throughout the duration of the class and may redeem them at any time during that period. Points may be rolled-over from one class to another, within a ninety (90) day period. 

Does a person have to be pregnant to use the Baby Boutique?
No. All of Pathways clients, with children, can use the Baby Boutique as part of each weekly class visit.

Does a person have to have to be part of the Earn While You Learn program or attend classes to use the Baby Boutique?
No. Pathways offer’s material assistance once a month for those who are unable to attend a class.

Does a person have to be a Christian to utilize Pathways services?
No. Although Pathways is a Christian ministry, clients are served without regard to age, race, income, nationally, religious affiliation, disability, or other arbitrary circumstances.

Does Pathways make referrals to other agencies?
Yes. Pathways has a good working relationship with local agencies and will make appropriate referrals. We also maintain an up-to-date referral and resource manual for the benefit of our clients as well as our staff and volunteers.

How much are Pathways services?
All the services at Pathways are without cost (free) to the client.

How is Pathways funded?
Pathways is a non-profit agency that relies completely on those who support us through their tax-deductible donations.

Is Pathways a 501 C-3?
Yes, Pathways has been a registered 501C-3 since 1996.

Does Pathways receive federal funds? 
No, we do not receive federal funds.

Does Pathways have a Board of Directors?
Yes, Pathways has a Board of Directors. The Board operates in accordance with our Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Stated Purpose and Mission.

Does Pathways Sell or Share its Donor List? 
Under no circumstances does Pathways sell or share its donor list. The only people that have access to the list are those who are fully trained with the ministry and need it for the Center’s work (mailings).

What is your Mission Statement?
Pathways exists to support, educate, and equip men and women to make life-affirming choices related to pregnancy, parenting, relationships, and God.